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Show Me the Evidence

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We have evidence!

Evidence helps clinicians make treatment choices to help their clients succeed. Speech for Young Talkers is an evidence-based practice! We use the three components of evidence-based practice- external scientific evidence, clinical expertise, and client perspectives in order to come to a valuable treatment plan for you.

Since clinical research is always evolving, it is important that we stay up to date with all the current information. The American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) has created a page dedicated to ensuring that evidence is available at our fingertips with Evidence Maps!

Evidence Maps are searchable online tools that were created to help speech-language pathologists make evidence-based decisions. Each Evidence Map provides a quick a quick summary of the guidelines and scientific reports pertaining to the topic chosen.

Our speech-language pathologists at Speech for Young Talkers are well versed on the navigation of ASHA’s Evidence Maps and the implication of evidence-based practice in their therapy. We have evidence!

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