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  • We provide evaluation and treatment for children with various speech and language disorders, specializing in Childhood Apraxia of Speech.

    We offer office-based and in-home speech therapy services throughout the San Fernando and Conejo Valleys

    Our Practice

    We are passionate about helping children learn to communicate in their own unique way. We provide evaluation, differential diagnosis, and evidence-based treatment for children with all speech and language disorders including suspected and confirmed Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS), Autism Spectrum Disorder, genetic disorders, social communication disorders, auditory processing difficulties, neurological disorders, cognitive impairments, as well as phonological, articulation and various language disorders.

    Our Services

    We specialize in providing speech therapy services to toddlers through teenagers. We formulate a unique treatment plan for each child that uses multi-modalities and expertly-selected treatment methods (including, Motor Learning Theory) for each child.


    We use a family-oriented and collaborative approach for each child. We offer parent training to facilitate home practice, and advocacy for the rights and services for your child.

  • Information about our Intensive Reading Program

    Speech for Young Talkers is offering an interactive literacy program based on the Lindamood Bell’s Seeing Stars approach to reading and writing. This program changes how students process language by focusing on symbol imagery, which is the ability to visualize letters in your mind’s eye. Symbol imagery underlies both phonological and orthographic processing. The connection of imagery and language is necessary for sounding out new words and quickly recognizing letters and common words. Under the supervision of a trained clinical supervisor, students can be taught to read and spell to their potential, regardless of their age or struggle with literacy.

    Students who may benefit from this program include those who struggle with:


    ✔ Spelling challenges outside of phonetic spelling

    ✔ Comprehension

    ✔ Poor contextual reading

    ✔ Trouble reading sight-words

    ✔ Dyslexic tendencies

    ✔ Visual memory

    ✔ Short term memory issues

    ✔ Trouble remembering dates, names, numbers lists

    ✔ Word recognition

    ✔ Self-confidence with reading

    ✔ Meaningful access to school curriculum


    This program is suitable for kindergarten & up. 

    Contact us for more information and pricing. 

  • Information about our Social Skills Group

    Starting June 8th at 4:30 PM- 6:00 PM

    Ages: 5-10 years old


    Speech for Young Talkers is offering an in-person social skills group this summer. Social Zones is a multidisciplinary approach towards social integration, self-regulation, and social engagement. Social Zones groups will combine parts of Zones of Regulation® Curriculum, Superflex® Curriculum, Social Thinking® Curriculum with sensory motor activities and parent training for a unique approach to social skills intervention.
    Social Zones will teach self-identification of regulation levels and tools to maintain a calm body in various situations. It will also teach social thinking strategies for entering and sustaining communicative interactions with peers. Each session consists of social building activities, sensory-motor activities, and group time. This is a great opportunity for children to improve self-regulation and their social communication skills. Each session will be 1.5 hours and meet weekly on Tuesday nights.
    Contact us for more information and pricing.

    Social Zones will help children who have difficulty:

    •controlling their behavior or they overreact to small problems.

    • regulating their body to remain calm and engaged in activities.

    • making/maintaining friendships.

    • understanding emotions.

    • listening to others in conversation and responding appropriately.

    • being socially flexible and problem solving with peers.

    • understanding nonverbal communication such as eye contact, body language, etc.



    The benefits of participating in Social Zones:

    Early developing skills: listening to others, following directions, greetings, and keeping a calm body during structured group activities.

    • Interpersonal communication skills: turn-taking, sharing thoughts and ideas, responding appropriately to others, initiating, and engaging in conversation with peers.

    • Problem-solving skills: conflict resolution, cooperative skills, emotional and behavioral regulation.

    • Nonverbal communication skills: eye contact, understanding body language, and personal space awareness.

  • About the Practice

    We combine experience with passion, creativity, and dedication.

    Linda LaRue, M.A., CCC-SLP

    Owner/Speech-Language Pathologist

    Linda has 30 years experience evaluating and treating children of all ages with various speech, language, pragmatic, social communication and cognitive disorders, specializing in Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS). Linda has 10 years experience working with children with CAS and regularly attends conferences to maintain the most current knowledge and training in the field. She also provides early intervention services with children birth to three years in the home. Linda also has extensive experience with adults, as she spent her first 10 years of her practice working with adults and adolescences with traumatic brain injury and neurological disorders.


    She is an Adjunct Professor at California State University Northridge (CSUN) Communication Disorders Department teaching Diagnostics and Early Intervention classes. She was also a Clinical Supervisor at the CSUN Early Intervention Program.


    Linda is clinically certified through the American Speech Language Hearing Association and licensed by the State of California. She is PROMPT trained and maintains this extensive professional training through attending conferences with leading experts to learn the most current research and therapy practices.

    Chiara Perbil, B.A.

    Administrative Assistant/Speech Aide

    Chiara graduated from California State University Northridge in 2017 with her B.A. in Communicative Disorders. She is currently in a master's program to become a speech-language pathologist. She was a student of Linda and has been working with her since November 2018. Chiara assists with various tasks in the office from developing therapy materials, gathering therapy materials for each session, and creating communication aides for clients. Chiara keeps the office running smoothly with a big smile.


    She is also a private swim instructor and lifeguard during the summer months. She has been teaching swim for 8 years now and enjoys working with children of all ages. Her goal is to be a pediatric speech therapist but is open to all the possibilities.

    Savannah Meginnis, B.A., SLPA

    Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant

    Bio coming soon!

    Nelli Munoz, B.A., SLPA

    Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant

    Bio coming soon!

  • Testimonials

    Age: 3, Apraxia

    "When we started with Linda my child could speak about 20 words. Within 2 months my child could attempt over 200 words and less than 6 months after working with Linda he is speaking in full sentences. Everyone that knows him is amazed. Linda's patience with both parents and children is endless, her technical knowledge is sharp and she is a pleasure to work with!"

    Age: 9, Autism

    "We have been with Linda for approximately a year now. I love that Linda keeps activities fresh and interesting. Her energy is on point and our son took an instant liking to her. She is patient and full of great recommendations and advice."

    Age: 3, Apraxia

    "We started services with Linda when my daughter was 3 years old. She was officially diagnosed with apraxia. Prior to that point she had been receiving speech services with regional for one year, but we had not seen much progress. Within six months of working with Linda, we saw significant progress. As a parent to witness that after all the struggle and worry is the best feeling! I really appreciate Linda taking the time after every session to really educate me regarding my daughter’s diagnosis, review with me what she has worked on in session with her, and provide helpful suggestions of what to practice at home with her. Linda truly cares about the work she does and I feel like she is really invested in helping my daughter. We appreciate her!!!!!"

    Age: 6, Apraxia

    "Our daughter was diagnosed with Apraxia at age 3. We have had 3 different speech therapists since the diagnosis. In a time of concern to try and find a new therapist with knowledge and skill to help a child with Apraxia, Linda was our saving grace! Immediately saw the blessing in having to find a new therapist because Linda has been so knowledgeable, helpful, kind, caring, and informative. Our daughter has shown great progress and we look forward to hearing our sweet girl express herself with confidence and ease as she grows. Thank you Linda!"

    Age: 4, Apraxia

    "We highly recommend Linda because she's an amazing therapist and teacher who is always striving to grow and learn. She has helped our apraxic son blossom from a frustrated child to a more expressive and effervescent child. She has been our son's therapist for the last year and she's worked tirelessly with him to improve his motor development skills, adapting her activities and methods to hold his interest. We're constantly amazed at how she can pivot within a session to help him focus and work on his skills, making speech therapy fun for him. Linda always reviews his progress after each session, pointing out his progress as well as areas that need more development. She provides tools and tips that we can incorporate into our everyday lives to continue building on therapy at home. We're so thankful to have Linda as our son's therapist as she is a caring, dedicated, informed teacher who has touched our lives, and given us guidance and support in our family's CAS journey."

    Age: 5, Apraxia

    "Linda has been my son's speech therapist for over three years. When my son was approximately two and a half years old he was diagnosed with Apraxia. At that time he could make some noises, maybe one word, but he was basically non-verbal. We were lucky enough to be assigned Linda as our therapist and it was such a blessing. From the start she really helped us understand the diagnosis and what the long haul would entail. She is extremely knowledgeable on the subject of Apraxia and was able to put things in terms we could comprehend. She was not only great at teaching us about Apraxia, she is also a wonderful practitioner. She worked incredibly well with my son, tailoring sessions to his age level. I still find it amazing how well she engaged him and always customized his treatments to fit his ever-changing needs. She would also include us in her planning and is excellent at communicating. She educated us on strategies and techniques we could use to continue practicing at home. Linda continually updated us on his progress and future goals. My son is now five and his speech has become much more intelligible. He now speaks full sentences and people are able to fully understand him. Linda helped make that possible. She had patience with my son through his difficult and angry phases. She is an amazing therapist because she cares for her patients and truly has a passion for her craft. She goes beyond just speech therapy and works with our family as a whole."

    Age: 4. 1/2, Apraxia

    "I could not recommend Mrs. Linda La Rue more! My child was diagnosed with Apraxia at a very young age (21 months) and we started speech therapy right away. We saw almost no progress until we started working with Mrs. Linda 2 months prior to his fourth birthday. When we started working with her she informed us that because the main problem with CAS is speech motor planning and programming we needed to focus on the actual movements of speech structures and muscles during speech attempts. She uses practice and repetition. She uses visual, verbal, and tactile cueing. She provides him feedback so he knows whether his speech attempts have been correct or not. Her approach has helped him produce clearer and more accurate words. He was non-verbal when we started working with her. The skills you taught us will help support my child's speech goals and will be the key to his success. Thank you for supporting our journey and for the motivation for us to dream bigger. We feel blessed and fortunate to have found Mrs. Linda."

  • S4YT Summer Programs

    Intensive Reading Program

    Lindamood-Bell’s Seeing Stars®

    Are you concerned about your child's reading skills? Do you feel like they have fallen behind? Our office is currently offering a research-based reading program called Seeing Stars that has been shown to significantly improve their reading skills. We are offering sessions now and a more intensive version this summer. We will be offering the program as one on one in person sessions or through teletherapy. Please call for more information.

    Social Skills Group

    Social Zones-Starting Tuesday June 8th at 4:30 PM

    Speech for Young Talkers is offering an in-person social skills group this summer. Each session consists of social building activities, sensory-motor activities, and group time. This is a great opportunity for children to improve self-regulation and their social communication skills. Each session will be 2 hours and meet weekly Tuesday nights. Please call us for more information.

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