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Information about our Intensive Literacy Program

Speech for Young Talkers is offering an interactive literacy program based on the Lindamood Bell’s Seeing Stars approach to reading and writing. This program changes how students process language by focusing on symbol imagery, which is the ability to visualize letters in your mind’s eye. Symbol imagery underlies both phonological and orthographic processing. The connection of imagery and language is necessary for sounding out new words and quickly recognizing letters and common words. Under the supervision of a trained clinical supervisor, students can be taught to read and spell to their potential, regardless of their age or struggle with literacy.    

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Students who may benefit from this program include those who struggle with:

 ✔ Spelling challenges outside of phonetic spelling 

✔ Comprehension

 ✔ Poor contextual reading 

✔ Trouble reading sight-words 

✔ Dyslexic tendencies 

✔ Visual memory

 ✔ Short term memory issues

 ✔ Trouble remembering dates, names, numbers lists 

✔ Word recognition 

✔ Self-confidence with reading 

✔ Meaningful access to school curriculum

We are currently offering the program as one on one in person sessions or through teletherapy. The more intensive program will be offered during the summer. Dates are TBA.